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Dark object with three lights on the bottom arranged in a triangle.Disc seen in pic after dowloading pic to computer over military base.Two chevron-shaped objects flying in formation spotted over Maple Valley, WA.Flying Lights Changing DIrections over Fancher Heights, East Wenatchee, WA 98802.Black triangle spotted over home after I heard loud lets fly by my house.Went out back then saw space station with another trailing it i honestly cant remember exact time approx. 5 min later I saw another sat.USAF pilot on ground in Yelm sees hovering, moving orange light near Mt. Rainier.Cluster of 15-16 bright lights traveled from East to South over Puget Sound from Lake Union.Orange lights sighted hovering in formation and moving slightly above Enumclaw.

I saw a triangle ufo with four white lights moving quickly with no sound in Everett Wa.Giant Blue-Green fireball falls from the sky at 0530 in washington state.Red and blue light formation seen by 6 people streak from north to south, then back north, hover, then dropped slowly beyond tree line.Object(s) in night sky Bothell, WA, Nov 20, 8:45PM. ((NUFORC Note: Date is severely flawed.

Bright light with red and green lights underneath hovered in sky.Flashing white lights over Sanderson Field in Shelton Washington.This page lists our current Programs. Click a More Info button for Program details. Spokane Parks & Recreation Sports.Yellow orange focused light stationary over Lake accelerates and within 15 seconds disappears into night sky.

Witnessed a bright green silent light traveling from the north towards the south.Twenty (approx.) UFOs Observed Above Lake Washington, North East of Seattle, Washington.I saw two craft in the sky headed northwest, on a precise landing path for Boeing Field in Seattle.Red and green lights flashing, while hovering and moving, then stopping.A bright white ball came directly overhead from the southern sky and travelled north and dipped below the horizon.My friend and girlfriend were with me at my house, just spending time.At approximately 11:30 pm, I turned right onto Slater Street.

Large blue circular object observed falling at a 45 degree angle in Kitsap County.It gave of light like a search light but was red and falling from the sky with smoke behind it.I noticed a light that blinked different colors. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius.Full graphics to accompany this sighting sent via (USPS) to address provided on web sight.

Last year coming back from Oregon my buddy and I observed a large light in the distance.Strange Yellow White Light in the sky ((NUFORC Note: Flare from Iridium satellite.

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Saw a doughnut-shaped object that looked like the first star just before sunset.

Large orange illuminated sphere groming in size,stationary, just above treeline next to roadway.Brilliant sparkling orange object over North end of Lake Washington.White light, zig zagged across the sky, shot out, stopped then started to blink in colors.January 8, 2006 I first observed a vertical rectangular dark colored object that looked to be hanging about 500 feet or so above the w.Large triangular object reported by former U. S. Navy aviator.

A bright light hovered 300 feet above the ground before accelerating at an incredible speed and disappearing among the stars.Bight Glowing orange orb that dimmed and would go bright again.It stopped for 30 seconds then accelarated and disappeared.Heading East.Grandmother saw a cigar shaped craft which she said was as long as the valley is wide.Stationary light goes from dim to bright with secondary tiny object going past it, disappears, reappears, blinks out with a red flash.Five orange orbs with flickering light inside, silent, moving slow over Lake Washington.Low flying aircraft with red and green lights over Green Lake area in Seattle. ((NUFORC Note: Aircraft.Three dim yellow lights travel at high speed over central washington.

Bright white light seen over west seattle on august 3rd, 2012.Spokane, Washington casinos offer exciting Vegas-style gaming action with slots, poker, bingo, horse racing, table games and more. Save with the Spokane Casino.Three bright lights in th form of a triangle,, when zoomed in on they appear to be round shapes with a hole in the middle.MUFON member reports gigantic, black ship passes NNE over house at 5 mph. 20 min sighting. Good rept.

Closest Dispensary To Me | Find the Closest medical & recreational Las Vegas Marijuana Dispensaries! Find the best rated weed shops near the Las Vegas Strip.Tumbling spheres observed with optics that disappeared suddenly in clear sky.

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