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Stack of horizontal cast iron or steel rolls at the end of a paper making machine.Paper which has been passed between heavy rollers to give a smooth surface of moderate gloss.The arranging of pages to ensure the correct order after the printed sheet is folded and trimmed.A set of angles often used is: black 45 degrees, magenta 75 degrees, yellow 90 degrees, cyan 105 degrees.Combination of related pieces of copy appearing as one to tell a complete story.Use lower case type except where capitals are specifically marked.

Process of converting an art file to a printable file by converting to CMYK applying trapping and screening.The drawing or design components of material prepared for printing.Book paper with a smoother, more uniform surface than machine finish.

To eliminate portions of the copy, usually on a photograph or plate, indicated on the original by cropmarks.

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Can be a significant percentage of the costs of printing, particularly for short runs of colour work.Plate cast in molten metal from a matrix or mould on which a replica of the type and any illustrations has been impressed.

In typesetting, the checking of original copy to ensure a minimum of changes after type is set.

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Product of a word processor at various stages in data processing or as visual check to typesetting.Hard copy is often used for proof reading and correction of data where the system does not incorporate a verification stage.Flap from the fore-page, with a fold running parallel to the spine of the book.Abstract. TGax meeting minutes from the IEEE 802.11 Atlanta session, January 16th – 20th, 2017. Minutes from the ad hoc groups are contained in the following documents.

To cut the ends of rules and borders, at an angle of 45 degrees, so that the corners join at right angles.

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Numerical system which forms the basis of computer mathematics.

Printers tool calibrated in picas used to measure the various sizes of type and measure of setting.Looking for hot and spicy? Turn up the heat in this free video slot game from Slotomania! Any spin can trigger free spins with Bouncin’ Beans Free Spins.In finishing, breakout cartons and the like after forme cutting.

A process of bleaching to create a whiter sheet using oxygen inplace of chlorine.A double fold, usually of card or heavy board, from the two outside edges of a folder.Central Processing Unit.Components of a data processing system, comprising the arithmetical and logical circuits and the control unit which initiates instructions.Method of papermaking in which the operator dips a mould or wire screen into the pulp vat and lifts it out, taking sufficient pulp to form a sheet of paper.It applies to those environmental aspects over which the organisation has control and can be expected to have an influence.Process of cleaning the rollers, forme or plate and sometimes the fountain of the press.A process involving printing from rubber or (more recently) plastic plates.

Cellulose fibre that has been seperated from a plant into a form suitable for the manufacture of paper.In halftone photography, supplementary exposure to strengthen dots in the shadow areas of negatives.

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Type used for the text of a book, as distinguished from headings.Printing other than book, periodical and newspaper work, usually short run or stationery.Monthly Archives: September 2011. should be considered in the fuel calculations if expecting a long turnaround or waiting with pax on board for a late slot.

A genuine recycled paper should contain at least 20-30% post consumer waste.Books bound in stiff board covered by fabric, or other material.I did consider retaining the clear plastic windows with their painted.

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Dots Per Inch - a measure of the resolution of a screen image or printed page.In offset lithography, the assembled composite of negatives or positives, ready for platemaking.In colour separation, a series of proofs of a colour process reproduction pulled in each component colour and in the correct sequence enabling printers to check the colour quality progressively during a print run, for 1 or 2 colour presses.To delete unwanted matter with white correcting fluid or paint.

In bookbinding, a joint having a deep groove to allow thick binding material (eg. leather) to be used without making the book difficult to open.Frequency Modulation Screening, a means of digital screening.In offset lithography, opaque material used to cover or remove areas of printing plates during exposure.The inking of the finished litho plate without taking a proof or impression.A process of binding similair to perfect binding - except using polyurathane glue making it much stronger.Assembly page or layout prepared as an original or photomechanical reproduction.Thin printing paper (India paper) used for the bible and works to reduce bulk.

In composition, a thin strip of metal used for spacing between lines of type.Printing by intaglio process from plates made by photography and etching.Viscosity - property of cohesion between particles of an ink against another surface.Tacky ink does not break apart readily.Art Paper Paper usually of high gloss coated with china clay.Remember Shaw email. Sign in. To recover your email address or to reset your password visit the Internet section in My Shaw. Don't have an account? Don't have an.Resistance of paper or film to dimensional changes, with changes in moisture content.

In colour separation, a halftone negative made by direct exposure of a colour image through a halftone screen.Ink is placed on paper and drawn with the edge of a spatula to get a thin film of ink.Autolithography Lithography from plates prepared or drawn by hand, now usually a form of fine art for limited edition prints.I needed to make the pins hollow and tapped 12BA for 12BA cheese head.The correct combination of cyan, magenta and yellow to (1) reproduce a photograph without the colour cast (2) produce a neutral grey, or (3) reproduce the colours in the original scene or object.


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